• Matsaya Kridasana

    Exercise-38: Matsaya Kridasana (The flapping fish pose) Lie on the stomach with fingers interlocked under the head. Fold the left leg sideways and bring left knee close to the ribs. Shift the arms to the left and...

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  • Makrasana

    Exercise-37: Makrasana (crocodile posture) Lie flat on the stomach. Raise the head and shoulders and rest your head on the palms of your hands with elbows resting on the floor. Close your eyes and relax. Breathing-Natural and...

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  • Advasana

    Exercise-36: Advasana (the reversed corpse posture) Lie flat on the stomach. Stretch both arms forward on each side of the head. Relax the whole body in the same way as in shavasana.     Breathing– Natural and...

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