• Utthita Lolasana

    Exercise-63: Utthita lolasana Stand erect with feet 2 to 3 feet apart. Raise the arms over the head with elbows straight and wrists limply bent. Swing the trunk downwards from the waist. Allow the arms and head...

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  • Tiryaka Tadasana

    Exercise-62: Tiryaka tadasana Assume the posture for tadasana. Bend from the waist, first to the right and then to the left. Bend 10 times towards each side- then relax the body and stand with feet flat on...

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  • Tadasana

    Exercise-61: Tadasana Stand erect with feet 4 to 6 inches apart. Raise the arms overhead with the palms facing upward; fingers locked and look up at the hands. Lift the heels as if being drawn upwards. Completely...

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  • Kati chakrasana

    Exercise-60: Kati chakrasana Stand erect with feet about 2 feet apart. Interlock the fingers in front at waist level. Raise the arms overhead; rotate the wrists while turning the palms upward. Bend forward at the hips to...

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  • Akarna Dhanurasana

    Exercise-59: Akarna dhanurasana Stand erect with feet shoulder breadth apart and arms on the sides. Take a short step forward with the right leg. Clench the right fist and stretch it upward and sideways to bring it...

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