• Shoulder Socket Rotation

    Exercise-15: Shoulder socket rotation Assume same position as 14 (ii). Make a circular motion with the shoulder joints- keeping fingers in contact with the shoulders. Repeat 10 times in clockwise and 10 times in anti-clockwise direction.  ...

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  • Crow Walking

    Exercise-10: Crow walking Squat on the floor. Place palms of the knees and begin to walk in the squatting position. You can walk on the toes or feet- chose the difficult option. Perform for sometime without straining...

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  • A Simple Solution for Depression? It Doesn’t Exist

    T.S. Eliot wrote, “We should not cease from the investigation, and the end of all our investigating will be to arrive where we began and know the place for the first time.” I remembered those words as...

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  • Hatha yoga poses

    Hatha Yoga WHAT IS HATHA YOGA AND ITS IMPORTANCE TO GENERAL HEALTH? The Sanskrit word hatha originates from the combination of two bija mantras (basic or root sounds) ha and tha. These are the two opposing currents...

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  • Pranayama Benefits

    PRANAYAMA WHAT IS PRANAYAMA AND HOW DOES IT INFLUENCE THE BODY? Prana is the vital or etheric force which pervades the whole cosmos. It is in all things, whether animate or inanimate and is closely related to...

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