Taking Care Of Yourself

keep your body & mind healthy

rejuvenate all organs and cells

Do you know the Shower Therapy?


Even a light yoga session will counteract a lot of sitting during your work day.

Tip 1

You’re probably working longer hours from home now, which means you’re tied to kitchen tables and home offices. Here are some tips to keeping that pep in your step.

Get Your Daily  Dose Of Ayurvedic Tonic

It nourishes not only the body but mind too

Tip 2

5 Ways to Take a Mental Vacation

When was the last time you went on a Mental Vacation


stimulate and increase the vital energy, ultimately bringing about perfect control over the flow of prana within the body.

Tip 3

A positive outlook goes a long way

Live Long and Be Positive

a simple guide to eating better and living healthier.