Now that summer has officially started, you are possibly thinking about, or even planning, a summer vacation. If you don’t have the time to take an actual vacation, you might find yourself gain more stressed and sad that you can’t take one.

However, the longer days of summer warmer and the sunlight weather mean that you can still take time to relax and unbend without going on “actual” vacation. Here are some ways to clear your mind by taking a “mental” vacation without having to wander too far from home.

5 Ways to Take a Mental Vacation

1. Take a walk

Walking is not only good for you physically, but I find that it reduces the sadness and any stress I might be feeling. Exercise is a best way to relieve stress because it’s a great disappear for your mind. It gets your endorphins going, and by being enter nature you get to focus on the beauty around you. Without even realizing it, you have gotten and refocused your mind off of the things bothering you. This is basically true if you walk in a new or different place, it feels like you have actually gotten away.

2. Look at pictures from a happy time

Experts recommends pulling out snapshots from a photo album of a fun dinner with friends or a family vacation. Reflect on your memories of that moment, and what made it so enjoyable. Spend a few quiet and funny moments reminiscing and you’ll find yourself more relaxed.

3. Read a book in bed

Experts says this is a best escape and can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face whatever is outside your bedroom door. Your bed is cozy, warm, a peaceful place and comfortable for you. It feels luxurious, and getting lost in a good book is a flawless way to forget, then refocus, your own thoughts.

4. Have a music marathon

When I was away at college, our library had soundproof rooms that you could hold and LP’s and cassettes you could look at. Whenever I am feeling stressed out, or studying for mid-terms or finals, I would go there, pick whatever music coordinated my state of mind, or the mood I was planning to get in and I would spend hours just listening to music. I could listen totally undisturbed and just concentrate on the music. While my life is much too busy now to do this, include music into my life whenever I can provides me with little mental breaks. While in the car I listen to my satellite radio or iPod, whenever I am in the house I put music on rather then TV. Singing along is an added stress reducer. And, whenever probable, I just go in a room by myself or even sit or lie outside under a shady tree and listen to music.

5. Plan a game night or day

Getting in touch with your inner child will get out the greater part of the negative thoughts and get rid of the stress you are feeling. Attempt to timetable monthly game nights or game days and play some of your most loved prepackaged games, card games or word games. If you want to plan something a little more ambitious, arrange a play “date” with your family and friends and go miniature golfing, bowling, or to a local amusement park.

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