• Poorwa Halasana

    Execise-112: Poorwa halasana (The preliminary plough pose) Lie flat on the back with the fists under the hips. The legs should be stretched with the weight of the hips on the fists. Raise the legs to a...

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  • Moordhasana

    Exercise-103: Moordhasana (The crown-based pose) Stand erect with your feet 3 to 4 feet apart. Bend the body at the hips and place the hands directly in front of the feet (stage 1). Place the crown of...

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  • उच्च रक्तचाप का घरेलू उपचार – High BP treatment at home

    जिन मरीजों को रोज BP की दवा खानी पड़ती है उनके लिए एक अचूक हथियार है। 200 ग्राम बड़ी इलायची ले कर तवे पर भूने, इतना भूनना है कि इलायची जल कर राख हो जाये, इस राख...

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  • Ginger: Avert nausea

    Ginger can prevent stomach upset from many sources, including pregnancy, motion sickness, and chemotherapy. “This is one of Mom’s remedies that really works,” says Suzanna M. Zick, ND, MPH, a research investigator at the University of Michigan....

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