Exercise-67: Dwi konasana

  • Stand erect on a bare floor with the feet together.
  • Extend the arms behind the back and interlock the fingers.
  • Raise the hands as high as possible.
  • Bend forward at the waist, stretch the arms upward and look as far forward as possible.
  • Remain in this position for a short time and then return to an erect position.
  • Repeat up to 10 times.


  • Inhale while the arms are forward and when returning to the erect position.
  • Exhale while bending.



  • It strengthens the intra-spinatus muscles between the upper spine and shoulder blades.
  • Helps in developing chest and back.
  • It is especially useful for young and growing bodies.




Standing and Bending Asanas are good for our health

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