Variation-1 : Utthita hasta merudandasana(The raised limbs and spine pose)

  • This is very similar to merudandasana.
  • Instead of separating the feet in the final pose, bring them together, keeping the arms and legs straight.

Variation-2 : Ashwa Sanchalanasana (The rocking horse pose)

  • Sit erect with the legs together and the knees near the chest.
    Bend the arms so that the fists can be placed on the outside of the knees.
  • Recline the back while simultaneously stretching the arms and legs.
    Try to straighten both, the arms and legs, keeping the fists above the knees.
  • The whole body should be balanced on the hips.
  • Try to raise the legs as much as possible, keeping them straight.
  • Maintain the final pose for a short time and then return to the starting position.
  • Rest and repeat.

Important Points-
Beginners should perfect this asana before attempting to practice merudandasana or utthita hasta merudandasana.



Advantages Of Balancing Asanas

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