Execise-112: Poorwa halasana (The preliminary plough pose)

  • Lie flat on the back with the fists under the hips.
  • The legs should be stretched with the weight of the hips on the fists.
    Raise the legs to a vertical position.
  • Bring them over the head so that they are on a 45 degree incline.
  • Separate the legs as much as possible.
  • Bring them together again, and slowly return to the supine position.
  • Practice a maximum of 10 times.


  • Inhale while in supine position.
  • Retain while raising, separating and lowering the legs.
  • Exhale when again in supine position.

On thyroid gland, abdomen or respiration.
Follow this asana by a backward bending counter pose.
This asana should not be performed by old or infirm practitioners or persons with sciatica or slipped disc.
This asana stretches the pelvis, regulates the kidneys, activities the intestines and removes fat deposits. It should be mastered before one attempts halasana.


why Inverted Asanas is the best asana

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