You must be thinking that it might have followed the Hindu belief that something with no name can always be attributed to Ram, one of the most venerated gods. Strangely, this is not the truth, since nobody know the real origin of the name, many other dishes are names after this famous name.

The story:

Once upon a time in a North Indian State’s developing City, a man thought to provide a different quick food to people running for their jobs. He was afraid of already famous & mouthwatering Samosa & Kachori, but he tried and took a risk of making Moong Daal Laddo. He knew that simple Moong Daal Laddo with an ‘O’ at end, will become hard after few hours only and won’t be much appealing.

So he innovated the dish, he added Mooli and it’s Leaves to provide Softness and a Sharpness to it’s taste, which became his USP. People loved this different fast food, it was soft, tasty, digestible and it’s small size was easy to carry. For a long time no-body was able to create the same taste in Moong Daal Laddo.

By now, you must have guessed the vendor’s name. Yes it was “Ram” and his innovated dish “Ram Laddu” with an ‘U’ at the end, is famous till today, and it’s one of the best and highest selling street food in entire North India.

Although, Nobody knows how the deep fried balls of moongdaal came to be known as Ram laddo. This is my version of the story, but the intelligent one who thought to mix the moongdaal with mooli to keep it soft, must be having the name “Ram” by which it become famous, like Haldiram, Hira Lal Halwai and many more. Since we all know that the moongdaal even socked overnight drinks a lot of water, and after being deep fried become hard and dry from inside. On the other hand mooli contains a lot of water and while being deep fried it keeps the moongdaal balls soft, also provide a sharp taste to it. What an intelligent idea.

Whatever the story is, we all love Ram Laddu.

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