• Sidhasana

    Exercise-47: Sidhasana (For men only) Sit with the legs extended forward. Fold the right leg and place the sole of its foot against the left thigh. The heel should be pressing the perineum- the area between the...

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  • Padamasana

    CLASSICAL MEDITATIVE ASANAS Exercise-46: Padamasana Sit with the legs extended forward. Fold one leg and place its foot on top of the opposite thigh. The sole of the foot should be upward with heel touching the pelvic...

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  • Ardha Padamasana

    Exercise-45: Ardha padamasana (the half lotus pose) Sit with feet stretched in front of the body. Fold left leg and place left foot beside the right thigh. Fold right leg and place right foot on top of...

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  • Sukhasana

    Exercise-44: Sukhasana (the easy pose) Sit with the legs stretched in front of the body. Fold right foot under the left thigh. Fold left foot under the right thigh. Place hands on the knees. Keep head, neck...

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  • Gomukhasana

    EXERCISE-86: Gomukhasana (The cow face pose) Assume a sitting position, legs out-stretched. Fold the left leg and place the heel beside the right hip. Fold the right leg over the top of the left leg so that...

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