• Vipareeta Karani Mudra

    Exercise-110: Vipareeta karani mudra (The inverted attitude) The method is the same as for sarvangasana, except the chin is not pressed against the chest in the final pose. The trunk is held at a 45 degree angle...

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  • All other details as for Sirshasana

    Exercise-109:Sarvangasana (The shoulder stand pose) Lie flat on the back with feet together, arms by the sides and palms flat on the ground. Using the arms as levers raise the legs and back to a vertical position....

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  • Oordhawa Padamasana

    Exercise-107: Ordhwa padmasana (the headstand lotus pose) Perform sirshasana. While in sirshasana slowly fold the legs into pad­masana. Remain in this pose for some time then straighten the legs. Return to the ground as described for sirshasana....

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