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Regularly meditating with rhythmic Om or Aum sound helps improve concentration and memory, also restores the balance of mind and energy in the body. Om or AUM meditation on a daily basis calms and relaxes the mind and the body. It regulates blood pressure and helps in maintaining a healthy heartbeat. A healthy body and mind attracts positive attitude, and generate good thoughts, that enable your workforce to reach your goal.

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In the previous Mindful Technique sessions:
We have practiced to keep our mind calm, relax and, maintain a focus on our goal, and it’s key strategies. Also we practiced to generate positive ideas, enabling our mind power to create a path towards our goal. Those are the most important stages you must complete, before continuing further.

If you have not completed the previous sessions, it’s highly recommended to complete those sessions first. This is the series of Mindful Technique to attract anything, and you must follow this step by step.

Listening and following this Aum or Om rhythm regularly twice a day, will first help release your anxiety, and give access to your mind, once your mind starts following the rhythm, it opens its door for you to enter and creates your thoughts of your dream. Your mind gets the power to focus on your goal, and it’s key components, to make a path for that.

This session will fill the positive attitude in you. You will look for a solution, in any problem. You will be able to handle any situation. This positivity will provide many fruitful ideas, which you require to achieve your goal.

Now, simply relax. Close your eyes. Keep a smile on your face.
just relax. relax.

Take a deep breath, slowly. Hold for a few seconds. Exhale slowly.

As we have said in previous sessions:
You can follow this Mindful Technique anytime of the day, find a peaceful place, free of distractions and disturbance, comfortable to sit or lay down. The best time would be when you wake up in the morning or at night just before you go to sleep. Follow the sessions strictly for the said number of days. Don’t rush for next sessions before you complete each session for a minimum of a fixed number of days.

If you do it in the morning, when you wake up:
the moment you wake up, just sit in your bed. If you need to freshen up first, go for it, come back to your bed, and sit in any posture you feel comfortable. Put up your headphones, it’s highly recommended to use headphones at wakeup time or any time during the day.

If you do it in the night, before you go to sleep:
Just lay down in your bed, as you do regularly. Since using headphones is not recommended at bedtime, you may continue on the speakers.

Make sure that you have turned off the Auto-play feature of the video. Keep the volume of your device low, soothing to your ears. For best results, you should follow the session twice a day, at time you Wake up and time before you Sleep.

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