Asthma is generally more common in children. Although anyone may have an attack, it most commonly occurs in the following persons: children under the age of 5, adults in their 30s, adults over 65, and people living in urban communities. There are certainly other factors as well that are considered to be involved, including a family history of asthma, personal medical history of allergies, children with a family history of asthma, children who have allergies, and children who have exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke.

Half of the people who have asthma develop it before they are 10 years old, and most develop it before 30. There are people who develop allergic asthma in their 70s and there are young children whose asthma is not allergic. Children with asthma often complain of an itchy upper chest or develop a dry cough, which may be the only sign of asthma.


There are a few symptoms that will let you know that your condition is getting worse. If you are waking up at night with the sensation that you cannot breathe or if coughing and wheezing are always present, a visit to the doctor is required. Well prescribed asthma treatments will help you fight off such problems and regain control over your asthma. Losing breath while talking or eating is also an indicator of asthma problems on the rise. Seeking specialized help and determining which is the best asthma inhaler or asthma medication for your own case is an important step.

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