Asthma as it is, especially in children, is a distressing disease. Asthma can be better managed with some simple measures.
Some steps that you can take to manage your condition better are:

  • Understand the use of your medicine. This is the most important step. You must fully understand the use of the inhaler and any other medicine. Also have regular routine check ups.
  • Maintain clean surroundings. Bacteria present in the dust in your house or working space can cause an attack.

  • Dust mites are the source of these bacteria and all sources like carpets and soft furnishings that are breeding ground for dust mites should be regularly cleaned. Use a good disinfectant for the floor. In the bedroom and other parts of the house. Regular cleaning in hot water is essential for pillow and bed covers.
  • Smoking- direct and indirect is totally forbidden for an asthma patient. Smoking in an asthmatic’s house/work space should never be allowed.
  • Humidity encourages bacteria growth. Asthmatics should not stay in a basement (areas with high humidity – more than 30 to 50 range). Exhaust fans for bathrooms and cloth dryers should open outside.
  • Ask your physician for developing an exercise schedule. Swimming is a good exercise for asthma patients. Do not exercise without keeping your medicines in easy reach.

  • Smoke, gases, and kitchen fumes can trigger an asthma attack. All stoves and furnaces etc need to be checked by experts every month. Preferably use high-quality filters for this equipment.
  • During harvesting season and high pollen days remain indoors or cover your face (nose & mouth) with a scarf.

Because asthma is not curable, it is incredibly important to take all of the proper precautionary methods that you can, in order to at least attempt and prevent attacks from coming on as best as you can.

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