This is a fairly common question and in almost every case it is a good idea to exercise even if you do have asthma. Some patients notice that their asthma gets worse after exercising, but if you keep your asthma inhaler close by you should be able to overcome this obstacle. Asthma prevention treatments and asthma inhalers can help you reduce any potential side effects of your condition while you are exercising. If you are worried about this issue or if you experienced asthma attacks during exercise in the past, it is a good idea to gradually start exercising and see where you feel comfortable doing it.


  • Asthma as it is a chronic disease can be to a certain extent overcome through proper means of exercise. Sports like swimming can to a great extent help in overcoming asthma. This sport helps in exfoliating the humidity in the atmosphere and helps in the overall toning of the body.
  • Besides swimming, activities like long walks in the morning as well in the evening help in reducing the effects of asthma.
  • Along with these activities biking, cycling, skiing helps effectively in the process of inhaling the air. Along with them, football, basketball, golfing, wrestling, gymnastics, etc all works quite effectively in overcoming asthma.

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