Every disease is affected by the emotional condition of the patient. Asthma is also influenced by certain emotions such as laughing, crying, anger, panic, etc. However, it is not possible to have an illness without it having an emotional or trauma component associated with it. Our brain and body is not split organism where our brain and bodywork independently of each other.

One of the causes of asthma can be connected to birth traumas when the child gets suffocated during birth or experience difficulty during birth thus damaging the lungs and bronchioles.

Overprotective or dominating parents or parents demanding to the extent of suffocating could also cause conditions inadvertently for asthma in a child. Many other pressure scenarios could be the cause of weakened lungs during childhood leading to asthma.

Psychic factors play a major role in asthma conditions in addition to allergic reactions. Asthmatics have deep-seated insecurity and an intense need for parental love and protection. Emotional causes are more subtle and need to be addressed simultaneously with the biological and nutritional treatments.
Emotions and feelings, such as apprehension, concern, anxiety, and panic can cause muscular tension and contraction around the bronchioles. Over a long time, these tensions can cause muscle spasms and weakening of the bronchioles, which can then lead to asthma as an adult.

For many healers of the past, it was clear that childhood trauma and the lack of love provided an atmosphere where illness could develop. Asthma sufferers need to look for and heal that emotional component that prevents them from healing so that they can start the asthma healing.

When we understand that Love is the natural state of our beings and when Love is not flowing through our beings every moment, then some other emotion or concept is interfering. These interferences are usually emotions of great intensity or some quirk in our point of view, such as the habit of judging conditions, things, or people in negative ways, and most of the time they are unconscious. Asthma patients need empathy and care in addition to the treatment for the disease to speed the healing process.

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