1. Silk Cotton tree thorn paste

For Pimples)

Ingredients :-

1. Big thorns of Silk cotton tree.
2. Milk

Method of preparation :-

Rub thorns briskly and circularly on a grinding stone (Available in Indian stores or temples) sprinkling milk at intervals. The paste start accumulating on grinding stone as the process continues. Collect the paste so formed and apply it as a face pack. This removes pimples and their marks.

2. Split Orange lentils (Masoor dal) Flour pack

Gives glow to Skin)


1. Split orange lentils (Masoor dal flour which is available in Indian stores) flour
2. Milk
3. Ghee

Method of preparation :-

Prepare a paste by mixing the flour with ghee and milk .Apply this as face pack. This enhances the glow of skin.

3. Sandal wood powder pack

(Rejuvenates skin)


1. Sandal wood powder
2. Turmeric powder
3. Milk

Method of preparation:-

Mix all the ingredients to form a paste. Apply this as face pack. This rejuvenates the skin

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