Individuals with left-mind predominant tend to listen with right ear, and vice-versa, study finds.

New research recommends the predominant side of your brain may make the call on which ear you choose to use while talking on your cell phone.

The predominant side of your mind is where your speech and language center resides. Ninety-five percent of the human population is left-brain dominant, and those individuals tend to be right-handed. The opposite holds true for people who are right-brain dominant. In this review, researchers found that roughly 70 percent of those surveyed held their cellphone up to the ear that was on the same side as their dominant hand.

This insight into the way individuals use their cellphones could one day help specialists quickly and safely locate and protect a patient’s language center before beginning a potentially risky brain operation, the researchers said.

“Fundamentally, this could be used as a poor man’s Wada test,” said study author Dr. Michael Seidman, executive of the division of otologic/neurotologic surgery at the Henry Ford Health System in West Bloomfield, Mich. “[The Wada test] is the standard test used today to determine exactly where a surgical patient’s language center is located, which is critical information to have if you want to carefully preserve a human’s language abilities.

“The Wada test is, however, invasive and dangerous,” Seidman said. “In any case, by looking at how a person uses their cellphone, which side they listen in to, you can get shorthand insight into brain dominance. It’s not a secure guarantee, but I would say it’s a pretty reliable and safe way of going about it.”

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