Holi, The Festival of colours, is just coming to celebrate. This festival season explore our emotions and express our internal feelings through blend of bright colours. The festival celebration becomes rainbows of colours around us, and we enjoy playing with colours and water balloons with our siblings, friends and relatives. Celebrating Holi festival is an enjoyable and relaxing event.

Thus, below are few of the scientific benefits of playing Holi:

Colours Bring Emotions:
Playing with different bright colours brings our emotions outside. It brings a certain kind of liveliness in our lives. Also, it influences our behaviour and the feeling of joy represented by colours, outside is reflected inside.

Colours and relation to Brain:
When we see bright colours, it acts as a catalyst in our body. The brain is full of many happy emotions. Bright colours represent our internal brightness and happiness, thus making us happier and relaxed.

Food as Happiness:
During the festival season of colours, we make and serve a lot of sweets with our family and friends. Sweets liftup our emotions and feelings, making a person feel happy. There is always a relationship between good carbs and mood, hence intake of sweets releases happy chemicals in our brain. Good food makes a person be more relaxed and keep them fresh.

Social Gatherings:
During this season, we are meeting with our friends and families. Meeting and playing with our friends creates an environment of meeting, playing and opening up. The social gatherings bring out joy and playfulness in us. Thus, making this holi season more enjoyable.

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A lot of Exercises:
As we all know, exercises keep the body healthy and the mind at peace. During this festival season of colours, there is a lot of running, jumping, falling etc, which counts as a lot of exercises. All this exercise keeps you fresh and active, which in general keeps the body and mind healthy. Also, when your body is tired, a good sleep after all the activity makes you ready for the next morning.

Holi is a festive season of joy and harmony. We wish you everyone a Happy and prosperous Holi. During the festival, have fun, play hard and be careful. Stay happy and enjoy!

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