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Listening to this musical rhythm regularly, will help release your anxiety, and you will be able control your mind and keep focus. Once your mind starts following the rhythm, it will never create the thoughts randomly. Your mind gets power to focus on your dream.

In this session, Headphones are Required. Make sure that you have turned off the Auto-play feature of the video. Keep the volume of your device to medium, soothing to your ears. Keep watching the video, until asked to close your eyes. This is going to be the most powerful session, and if you have not completed the previous sessions, it’s highly recommended to complete those sessions first. This is the series of Mindful Technique to generate power of attraction, and you must follow this technique step by step.

It takes a lot of effort for our team to study a lot before writing, selecting the right theme of music, and composing a video for you. Pressing the Like icon and hitting that Subscribe button, will give immense happiness to our soul, along with a sense of satisfaction, that we are doing a good job, and you are enjoying our work.

This is one of the longest sessions, in Mindful Technique, as-well-as most powerful one. Make sure you are in an isolated room and no-one should disturb you, for a while. It’s highly recommended that you should do this session in the morning or day time, and on holiday or Sunday, because after this session, you will require some time to relax, and pen down the things, you had just experienced. Today, you should be sitting, on the ground or in an armchair. Please don’t lay down during this session, you may fall asleep, and the new ideas will be gone, and may not return ever again.

We can do so many tasks from our own power, but, to experience the supreme power, we need more energy, and to get that energy, we need to look at the cosmos.

We all know the gravitational force of our planet earth, and so do other planets in our solar system, including, our day star sun, and the night star moon. The planets, Earth, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, have their own magnetic fields, some have very weak, but some have very powerful. They release, magneto-electric energy, in the cosmos, these energies travel freely, to be attracted by something. First imagine this universe, for a while. How the energies are flowing there, these are the energies who created planets, and the unique world, called our earth.

Now, close your eyes. Imagine you are sitting on the top of the earth. The energies are everywhere, flowing freely. Concentrate on the center of the divine cosmos. Ask the energies to empower your brain and body. Let the energies come towards you. Let them surround you, and spiral around you. You are feeling the happiest moment of your life. They are eating all the negativity from you, and enlarging your positive aura.

Keep a smile on your face. Cosmic energies are empowering you and your brain. You can feel the power within you, a spot of bright light must be appearing in-front of your eyes. If it’s not, don’t worry, never try to find it, it will appear automatically as you practice more.

Now, imagine the life you want to live, think of your goal, that you want to achieve, imagine yourself at the place, where you want to be, think about the key factors, you need to achieve that, or a key person, who may help you, how you are going to, make a path for that life

Maintain a smile on your face. Let the cosmic energies make a positive aura around you. You are getting magnetic power, to attract anything, anyone in this world. This power of attraction, will attract prosperity, happiness, and fruitfulness in your life. You will be able to accomplish any task, and that achievement, will bless you with inner happiness. You will be getting famous day by day

Follow our Unique Mindful Technique Series of relaxing music to help you peaceful relaxation, good sleep, deep focus, meditation and healing, bring a feeling of peace and love, music for work and study. We emphasize our music with instruction to follow to achieve what you want, reach where you want, ensuring that you will feel a sense of deep relaxation whilst listening these

We will upload and stream of new videos and music regularly with the best quality videos of nature, as well as nature sounds such as water sound, rain sound and birds to give you a bright new experience. Proven therapy suggests that relaxing music, meditation music, healing music based on popular instruments such as piano, guitar, flute and all natural sounds for meditation, relaxation, sleep and healing, works best for humans to create power of attraction

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