Does the World Health Organisation’s declaration that cell phones may cause cancer have you thinking twice about making that cell phone call?

Of course it’s alarming to imagine that something that’s become such a can’t-live-without can be connected to brain cancer, but there’s a lot even the most mobile phone-addicted people can do to minimise health risks.

Any potential connections to cancer stem from the low levels of radiation cell phones emit. Lower your exposure to the radiation, and you’ll lessen the potential connections to cancer or other health issues:

  1. Utilize a headset. Sounds obvious, but headsets emit much less radiation than mobile phones do, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and they keep your phone away from your head. The farther away you are from a source of radiation, the less damage it can do.

  2. Text when you can. Your constantly texting teens are onto something: Mobile phones use less vitality (and emit less radiation) when you text than when you talk, says the EWG. Texting also keeps the radiation source farther away from your brain.

  3. Utilize phones for FYI- just calls. Don’t use your cell phone for that long overdue, hour-long catch-up with your sister, friends. Keep calls as short as possible — Do you require me to get the dry cleaning, honey? and switch to a landline if they’re veering off into chitchat territory.

  4. Keep the cell phone away from your ear when you can. we recommends waiting for the call to connect before you bring the cell phone to your ear, which limits radiation exposure. Also, when you talk, tilt the cell phone away from your ear and bring it in close when you are listening. That is because the radiation levels are “essentially less when a cell phone is receiving signals than when it is transmitting,” Lin Zhong, assistant professor of computer and electrical engineering at Rice University in Houston, The New York Times

  5. Don’t make calls in cars and elevators. You already it’s dangerous to talk and drive; says that mobile phones utilize more power to establish a connection in enclosed metal spaces like elevators and cars.

  6. Make sure your children use the landline. It seems like even toddlers are using mobile phones today, but specialists say children are the most vulnerable to potential radiation dangers. The EWG says children’s brains absorb twice as much mobile phone radiation as adults. According to The New York Times, health authorities in Britain, Germany, Russia, and France all have warnings against letting children use mobile phones.

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