“The world is consuming a huge amount of animal protein than they need and this is having a devastating effect on planet wildlife” said Duncan Williamson, WWF food policy manager.

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[Feb, 20th 2020] Astonishing; more than 60% of global biodiversity loss is down to the food we eat. Most of us are aware that a meat-based diet has an impact on Wild-Life, Water and Land, also contributing a major role in greenhouse gas emissions, but very few of us know that the biggest problem of all comes from the crop-based feeds that animals eat.

According to a report released in July 2019, Meat production worldwide in 2018 was 327 million metric tons [data source: statista.com], which is likely to rise by 25% in the coming decade. The huge amount of meat needs more animals and indeed vast lands to grow the crops used as animal feed. The leaders of the Factory Farming are citing some of the world’s most valuable areas like Congo Basin, Amazon and the Himalayas, which are also vulnerable.

In the past 2 decades, protein rich soybeans have carried to the top rank in demand after corn. First it was due to its use in producing ethanol till 2010. But almost immediately after, China became the No. 1 importer from No. 4 producer of soybeans since 1995. In 2015, China imported 80 million metric tons of soybeans from the US alone [data source: worldagnetwork.com], which was more than half of the total soybean export of the US.

What happened in China in the last decade?

It turned out that soybean is the main food ingredient for animals in farms to provide protein. They grow animals in Factory Farms to meet the meat demand of the world. Since the 1950’s, they have been feeding chemically grown crops, antibiotics and synthetic hormones to increase the animal growth by increasing saturated fat. Which leads to drug-resistant bacteria, obesity, chronic diseases, and threat of H1N1 viruses outbreaks like swine flu, avian flu, ebola virus, and coronavirus to name a few you must have heard of. 

Experts of the medical industry believe that the outbreak of such viruses were likely caused by the overcrowding of animals in factory farms, the improper storage of their waste and poor sanitation. Every year millions of humans become ill from contaminated food supplies and thousands of them die. You know the latest one identified by WHO in Jan, 2020 named as 2019-nCov (2019 Wuhan Novel Coronavirus). Till the time this article was written, more than 2000 people died and 75,000+ people were confirmed with coronavirus infection. You may read an interesting article on Possible Cure to Coronavirus.

These Factory Farms are the Potential Risk to Humanity.

What needs to be done?

Since the global demand for cheap meat is growing, they need to expand agricultural land and put more pressure on our forests, rivers and oceans; which leads to more deforestation, more soil erosion, more marine pollution and top of the all “Global Biodiversity Crisis”.

The real problem lies at the heart of our food system. “You Demand, They Produce” is the key point in the food chain. You all have the power, 3 times a day at your meal time, to end cruelty on farm animals, save your forests, your rivers, your oceans, and to save wildlife. You can all play an important role by simply changing the way you eat.

  • Eat less but better meat (if you can’t resist)
  • Eat more veggies and plant produce

By making this simple change in your platter, you can change the future of life on Earth.

The author of Farmageddon, and chief executive of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), Philip Lymbery said that “Factory Farming is not an efficient way to produce food but rather a method in which the invisible costs are far higher than the savings.”, further he added: “The crops fed to industrially reared animals worldwide could feed an extra four billion people on the planet.” 

You must realize that your demand for cheap meat leads to the starvation of millions of people. If you don’t eat meat or reduce its consumption to once/twice a week, you can…

  1. Improve your own health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov), primary sources of saturated fat are animal products, linked to heart disease and obesity.
  2. Save the innocent Animals being slaughtered and bring Wild Life back to the Forests. Each year approximately 70 billion animals are slaughtered for food. [Wikipedia]
  3. Save your planet Earth by bringing the natural process into existence.
  4. Save the Mankind by feeding the starvers & reducing the risk of deadly virus outbreak.

May this information help mankind.

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