No matter what asthma medication or asthma treatments you are using, reducing the negative effects of asthma relies on avoiding asthma triggers as well as you can. The irritation of your breathing passages can be reduced if you live and work in a clean environment and if you keep pollen and dust away. If your asthma condition gets worse or better, write it all down and see which particular environments are positive or negative towards your asthma.

Allergies are triggers for asthma. If you are allergic to pets, certain foods, dust mites, etc, remove them from your environment wherever possible. Be asthma aware. Every asthmatic responds differently to triggers. As a parent, try not to be overly protective of an asthmatic child. The key to living with the disease is to be very aware. If you need to carry medication make sure you always have it with you, and NEVER run out of it. Make sure you always have a backup, in the car, at home, or in the office. Encourage children to emulate what you preach.

Cigarette smoke is a powerful trigger of symptoms. Children born prematurely or those exposed to tobacco smoke are more likely to develop the disease. Prenatal and post postnatal exposure to second-hand smoke is indicated in the development of asthma. Non-smoking messages should be advertised in schools to reduce the likelihood of children smoking and thus being prone to asthma.

Stress could aggravate the disease in children. It is well known that fighting stress helps fight asthma.. If asthma is triggered by emotional stress, then a stress reduction program could be considered.
Sport during the summer causes less stress than during the winter. Exercise-induced asthma occurs most often during intense activity in cold dry air.

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