If you haven’t read our previous article Why are Microgreens more beneficial? and How to grow microgreens easily at home? must read to understand the power of Microgreens.

Helps Maintain Weight
Microgreens salad makes it a filling food. It’s breakfast reduces the craving for other foods for a longer time during the day and thus helps maintain weight yet ensuring enough nutritions and energy for work. Salad of Cabbage, Spinach, Bell Pepper or Apple is rich in Fiber, which is excellent for weight loss as it binds to fats as soon as they metabolize and removes those fats from the body at a greater speed and adding Microgreens to provide nutrients from 100% organic source which includes folate, iron, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, protein and many more.

A Mega Dose of Enzymes
Plant enzymes are protein catalysts which increase the rate of almost all the chemical reactions with cells. They make the nutrition in the food bio-available by extracting more vitamins, protein and minerals from the food to nurture your body. Research shows that these enzymes are found 100 times more in microgreens i.e. sprouted seeds, grains, and nuts than in the same raw foods.

Helps Treat Anemia
Some microgreens are praised as rich in folate, and some may help increase hemoglobin in blood. There are promising studies that show the benefits of microgreens to treat anemia disorders. These are also a superfood for pregnant women, as they need a lot more folate along with other nutrients during pregnancy to avoid structural deformities in the fetus.

Great Benefits for Male Health
Microgreens being an excellent source of vitamin C which is responsible for healthy blood circulation to the reproductive organ which could help erectile dysfunction in men. The selenium in microgreens is also known to help sperm production and motility, making it an excellent food for men to enjoy sexual intercourse at their best.

Anti-Ageing Properties
Microgreens are rich in antioxidants and make it a super anti-ageing food. It fights free radicals that lead to premature ageing of the cells. The consumption of microgreens accelerates the process of cell regeneration. Microgreens keep the skin hydrated and produce collagen, which reduces wrinkles and acne, thus keeping you more youthful.

Aids Digestion

The microgreens are easily digestible, some enzymes in microgreens ease constipation and help keep the intestines clean. According to principles of Ayurveda, “A Clean Digestive System Absorbs More Nutrients and Makes a “Healthier Body” which is also logically true and proven by modern science.

Healthy Food for Heart

Microgreens are a wonderful source of plant-based omega-3 that helps control the cholesterol. High potassium levels in microgreens keep the blood pressure in a healthy range and reduces the chances of stroke due to its vitamin C content, which is responsible for good blood circulation and distribution of oxygen in the body. This makes it an amazing food for Healthy Heart.

Microgreens are really a super food for Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and eventually Healthier You. Everyone must try once to grow microgreens in your home, it’s almost free to grow with unmatchable qualities and properties.

Happy Microgreening

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