Amla is an amazing and great natural fruit which is available in India in very sufficient amount. The health benefits of Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, can be partially attributed to its high Vitamin-C content. Where Amla fruit is greatly renowned, Amla juice is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. In India, this fruit is used in making chutneys, murabbas, pickles and jams. Most of the Ayurvedic preparations have amla or we can say, It is the most important fruits of Ayurveda.

Amla balances stomach acid, nourishes our brain and mental functioning, enhances food absorption, supports the heart. Amla is the most commonly utilized fruit in the Indian household. It has really working medicinal properties and health benefits for long years. The Indian gooseberry or Amla works as a good blood purifier that’s why found in many herbal medicines to treat various diseases.

The amazing benefits of Amla or Indian gooseberry:-

(I) The Indian gooseberry or amla contain twenty times more Vitamin-C than Orange. Which improves the skin glow and prevent from ageing

(II) Regular consumption of amla balance all three doshas-vata, pitta, kapha which are mentioned in Ayurveda.

(III) Amla juice with honey drinking twice daily can relieve bronchitis complication and asthama.

(IV) It protect our body against infection and improves the immune response of body.

(V) It helps in increasing red blood cell and hemoglobin in the body.

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