Exercise-115: Ardha padma halasana (The half lotus plough pose)

  • Sit with one leg stretched forward and the other leg in the half lotus position.
  • Place the hands beside the thighs.
  • Push down with the hands and roll backwards.
  • The straight leg will go over the head and the toes will touch the ground.
  • Roll back to the seated position.
  • Without breaking the continuity of movement, bend the body at the waist and bring the nose down to the straight knee.
  • Grasp the toes with both hands.
  • Raise the torso and resume the original upright position.
  • Practice a maximum of 5 times with each leg folded.



  • Inhale deeply and exhale fully before rolling.

Inhale again when seated.

Follow this by a backward bending counter pose.

Be careful not to strain the back or leg muscles. Take care not to hit the back of the head on the floor.
Not for old or infirm persons, or those who suffer from sciatica, slipped disc or high blood pressure.

Stretches the pelvis, regulates the kidneys, activates the intestines and removes fat deposits.



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