People who eat vegetable and fruits as daily diet have reduce many diseases. Vegetables and fruits are the important part of the diet that provides you the source of fiber, vitamins A, C, E, and nutrients. Potassium. Fruits and vegetables are also prevented from diabetes and help to maintain blood pressure. These can reduce the risk of heart disease because vegetables help to reduce blood cholesterol resulting reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Children’s growing bodies require good food of fruits and vegetables containing vitamins, nutrition, minerals and compounds. Fruits and vegetables maintain healthy weight and reduce obesity . Fruits and vegetables help the digestive system work properly. Fruits and vegetable fills you up and keeping your calories in tact up-to the mark of requirements of the body. Fruits contain seeds that are fleshy,sweet and edible part of a plant.

Vegetables and fruits contain biological activities plant chemical or phytochemicals help to protect you from some diseases. The drawback of not eating fruits and vegetables is that you may not getting all nutrients need for your body. These are help in body form health red blood cells. Vegetables and fruits are low in fat and calories but high in filling fiber. Children who eat fruits and vegetables perform well enough good than who do not eat fruits and vegetables. It is suggested by doctors that taking an apple a day means daily keep the doctor away. Deficient of any kind of mineral or vitamin in the human body invites many kind of deceases.

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