Alcohol is that thing which affects the mind and body directly and it reduces the person’s ability to think. It distorts the judgment ability of the person. If any person takes alcohol more than the body can handle or control himself, he will experience alcohol’s dangerous effects. Alcohol’s overdose becomes the causes of inability to consciousness and feel pain, worse, toxicity where the body vomits the poison. These all reactions are depends on how quickly consumption of the alcohol and how much is consumed.

Alcohol travels very quickly from stomach to the brain with in a minutes of drinking and it produces its effects. Alcohol also effects on liver by the bloodstream. The functioning of body is affected which is related to the amount consumed. When the amount of alcohol increases in blood from a certain level, breathing system slows down and can cause a coma or death,because of oxygen no longer reaches to the brain.

Alcohol is more harmful for young persons than adults. These type of teens more suffer from harmful effect than adults. To fall asleep most people drink alcohol but drinking before sleep effects on body’s ability to sleep naturally. Alcohol is the main reason of many type of cancers liked liver, breast, mouth. It also causes of bleeding from esophagus and stomach. Alcohol make harder to control high blood pressure.

The consumption of alcohol is always dangerous to body at once and to your health in long run as it reacts sharply to your mind too and is responsible for unconsciousness conditions and defame in the society.

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