Sugarcane is an important member of the grass family. Sugarcane have jointed, fibrous, stout stalk, which can be measure 2 to 6 meters in height. Sugar in its raw form can be beneficial for us. Sugarcane is being grown in over 200 countries of the world. India is one of the leading producer of sugarcane in the world. Sugarcane is a raw material from which table sugar is made. It requires well-manure and well- prepared fields in which seed sets with length 30-45 cm are planted in covered and furrows with soil.

Sugarcane juice is extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is one of the healthiest drinks which giving lot of natural energy to the body. In other words cane juice is an unrefined form of sugar which is obtained from the plants of sugarcane.

How sugarcane beneficial for health:-

  • It gives an instant kick of quenches and energy the thirst. Cane juice is good source of glucose and boost our energy.
  • Sugarcane maintain the protein loss in body and useful for the persons suffering from fever.
  • Sugarcane juice is effective in fighting against cancer especially prostate and breast cancer.
  • If anyone suffering from jaundice than sugarcane helps to recover quickly.
  • It can be enjoyed by diabetics without any compromise with the health because cane juice contains no simple sugar.
  • Cane juice is excellent cool drink during the summer and it helps to refresh the body instantly.
  • Help to reduce the burning sensation. And can be treat and prevent sore throat, flue and cold.
  • If you drink sugarcane juice it will help you hydrate the body quickly.
  • Cane juice is also good for digestion.

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