Yoga was created hundreds years ago .Yoga helps in improving functioning of your brain.Through the power of stress-busting yoga becomes the most important part of human lifestyle.Yoga help us to calm and stay in shape. Some positions of yoga are effective for promoting tension relief and relaxation.

Seated postures like child’s pose can help in put the mind in a meditative state and induce feeling of calm. Some of people think that stress may reduce through zoning out in front of TV. But this does reduce little amount of stress. So, we need to activate body’s natural relaxation response. You can do this through practice of relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, rhythmic exercise and deep breathing. With the help of these activities you can boost your energy and mood and also reduce everyday stress.

Yoga improve flexibility of your body. It can also prevent from back pain arthritis. Many posture in yoga like lift your own weight, upwards facing Dog, Downward-facing Dog, helps in strengthen the arm bones. You can maintain the blood circulation process of your body with the help of yoga easily especially of your feet and hands. Yoga may also reduce cases of heart attacks. Yoga helps in control the problem of high blood pressure.

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