Exercise-125: Vashishthasana (the straight arm stretch pose)

  • Lie on the left side with the right leg above the left leg.
  • Place the right hand on the right thigh and the left palm on the ground under the left shoulder.
  • The fingers must point away from the feet.
  • Straighten the left elbow and raise the upper torso.
  • Raise the hip until the entire body is straight and on a 30 degree incline supported by the left arm and foot.
  • Bend the right knee and grasp the big toe with the right hand.
  • Raise the foot and stretch the leg.
  • Release the toe.
  • Lower the leg and then the body.
  • Practice a maximum of 5 times on each side.


  • Practice this asana with the breath retained inside.
  • Normal unrestrained breathing may be practiced once the foot is securely raised.

On maintaining balance and on relaxing the leg muscles.

  • This asana improves nervous balance and removes anxiety.
  • It makes the leg muscles supple and strengthens the arms.



Advantages Of Balancing Asanas

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