Games to be played in open are called as outdoor games. The Indian games like Kabadi, Gulli-Danda etc are outdoor games. We play these games in open ground. Western games are Cricket, Tennis, Football, Hockey. These all are also outdoor games. Where children are suffering from obesity, outdoor games perform an important role in their life to protect them. Outdoor activity increases physical development and health by maintaining blood cells, sensory development and reducing obesity. Playing outdoor games burns unwanted calories and keep the player fit and healthy. It further deceases the chances of viral, fever, constipation, dehydration, etc.

How games beneficial for health:-
Game helps in stay safe from problems like heart ailments, blood sugar, high blood pressure etc. Outdoor games help in staying active and fit. If you play out door games you will feel hungry and have meals on time. Since you will feel tired by the end of the day, you will sleep on time too.

Improve memory through games:-
Out door games has many psychological benefits. It may include reduction and prevention from stress, improve confidence, self-esteem and creativity which helps to face challenges of life and to enjoy the adventures, and to increase natural growth of human body and sense of exhilaration.

Learn teamwork:-
When you play with many people, you learn to interact in groups. It helps to learn skills of strategy building which is generally used to win. You learn to adjust with different kind of people with different temperament and set up coordination with team members. It will help you to built up your personality and professional life.

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