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All other details for the variations are as given for nataraja asana preparatory form.

Exercise-130: Santolanasana (the balancing pose)

  • Assume the cat pose (marjariasana).
  • Raise the hips and straighten the knees to form the mountain pose (sumeru asana).
  • Move the shoulders forward and drop the hips until the body is straight and taut.
  • The arms should be vertical.


  • Raise one arm and roll the body onto the side.
  • The upper hand will rest on the upper thigh.
  • Roll back to the basic pose and repeat this movement on the opposite side.

Raise one arm and place it behind the back.
Raise one leg and stretch it back and upward.

  • Practice the base pose with normal breathing.
  • Retain the breath inside when practicing the additions.

Practice this asana for as long as possible.
This pose develops the nervous system.



Advantages Of Balancing Asanas

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