Variation-1: (Lord Shiva’s pose) full form

  • This is exactly the same as the preparatory form except that the big toe of the backward-facing foot is held instead of the ankle.
  • The elbow of the arm that faces backward should point up.
  • This position of the hand and arm will allow the foot to be raised nearer to the back of the head.
  • Advanced practitioners with flexible bodies may be able to touch the back of the head with the toes or hold the toes with both hands.

Important point
This form of Nataraja asana should be practiced only after the preparatory form has been perfected.


Variation-2: (Lord Shiva’s dance)

  • Stand erect.
  • Raise the left foot so that the thigh is horizontal and the foot points away from the body and is slightly to the right of right leg.
  • Hold the left arm in line with the left leg so that is points downward and outward.
  • Bend the right arm and point the elbow in the opposite direction to the left arm.
  • Hold the lower am vertical and chin or gyana mudra with the upper hand. Gaze toward the horizon.



Advantages Of Balancing Asanas


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