Taking Time Out for Yourself This Summer


The children are out of school for the summer, and your home life is bound to get busier. Add to work undertakings that are piling up, a developing list of household chores, and the vacation you are attempt to plan — and you will think about how you can possibly capture some of the enticingly lazy feeling of hot summer days.

Taking time out of your hectic schedule only for yourself helps you carry on with healthier, more joyful life. “Relieving stress can lower blood pressure, help you sleep better, and even help you maintain a healthy weight.

Here are 6 ways to sneak some “me time” into a busy summer day.


  1. Learn to know when you require a break. Hints are often other people saying that you seem tired or disturbed. You may see that you have lost your temper quite a lot recently or that you have ‘not been with it’ today.

  1. Sit down and relax your shoulders. Normal areas of tension are shoulders, neck and back but by thinking and stopping about how your body feels you will learn about how your body is coping.


  1. Think of something totally unexpected to do. Another leisure activity to take up, a place you’ve never been to before, speaking to a friend from 10 years ago. A new activity will help to take you out of the auto-pilot routine and may give you another vitality forever.

  1. Tell the necessary individuals about your fun activity. It may be a family picnic so make sure everybody is free. If it something you need to do alone hire a babysitter for the children or tell your parents where you are going and that you require a break. Put yourself in their shoes – they are watching you in auto-pilot and want to know that you are finding a way to rest easy.


  1. Speak to individuals who you know are often calm or who seem very organized. We can gain such a great amount from other people if we just ask and a lot of the time they might have the capacity to give you very simple tips to apply.

  1. Try out some relaxation techniques. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is often successful for noticing which parts of your body truly need to relax and you can show yourself how to do this. Another extremely straightforward technique is to lie face down on the floor and see how you feel – being at your lowest physically can give you the drive to know you require a break.

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