Beer drinkers, take note: Your most loved pint may be healthier than you realize. When it comes to good-for-you happy time beverages, we tend to think mainly of red wine and its heart-friendly antioxidants. Recent research, however, uncovers that beer may also help what ales you, from diminishing the danger of osteoporosis to beating brain fog.

But before you go on a beer binge, recollect that moderation is key to reap its health perks. That means no more than two 12-ounce beers a day for men and one for ladies. “In Case you overdo it, alcohol can inflict significant damage on your health, contributing to liver damage, heart problems, certain cancers, and more,” says Andrea Giancoli, RD, representative for the American Dietetic Association. People with certain health conditions — including gout, breast cancer or high triglycerides, for example — should avoid drinking beer or other alcohol because it can intensify those health issues, according to Joy Bauer, RD, nutrition and health specialist for Everyday Health and The Today Show.

An excessive amount of alcohol can also cause weight gain. After numerous rounds, calories can include quickly (a 12-ounce consistent beer can pack up to 150 calories, while a light beer has around 100 calories).

But for most of us, here are some healthy reasons to toast your next beer:

A Stronger Skeleton

Make no bones about it: Beer in moderation may secure bone health thanks to its high silicon content. Members who sipped one or two beers a day had greater bone mineral density than those who drank fewer or more beers, found a 2009 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. “Silicon helps restorative bone-building cells, and the estrogenic impact of alcohol also has a protective quality for bones, Which brew boasts the most silicon? Try an India Pale Ale. A 2010 University of California Davis study found that IPAs had the numerous amounts levels of the mineral.

Healthier Kidneys

Finnish researchers found that men who drank beer had a 40 percent lower danger of kidney stones contrasted to those who drank different types of alcohol. The benefit may be due to beer’s high water content. Dehydration can expand the risk of kidney stones, which are little deposits of salt and minerals, for example, calcium that can form in your kidneys. Beer’s hops may also help prevent kidney stones by slowing the release of calcium from bones.

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