Discoveries are important for musicians, teachers, performers, researchers say.

Moving to the beat of music really helps you hear the music better, according to a new review.

specialists at McMaster University in Canada played a progression of regular beats for study participants, half of whom tapped on an electronic drum pad while they listened while the other half listened without tapping.

The members were asked whether the last beat was consistent with the preceding rhythm, and those who tapped while they listened were 87 percent better at detecting the rhythm change than those who didn’t tap.

“We found that tapping along while listening accomplishes more than help us feel and enjoy the music. It really helps us hear it better,” Michael Schutz, an assistant professor of music, said in a McMaster news release.

He and his associates also found that participants who tapped to the beat were more confident in their answers about the rhythm change.

The findings, presented at the current Acoustics Week in Canada meeting in Quebec City, are important for music listeners, performers, and educators, according to Schutz.

“From a young age, we teach students to move to the music while performing, and now we know at least one reason why this is beneficial,” he said. “This study sheds light on why moving while playing helps musicians keep time and improves their general performance.”

Inquire about presented at meetings should be review preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

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