After a heavy dose of office work, technology and socializing, who would not love a relaxing vocation on a peaceful hill station or beach?. A vacation from work is a best technique of relaxation. Taking a vacation lets your mind and body recover from the constant hard work or stress. It allowing your system to ‘Reboot’. The best way of a vacation is close your eyes and just imagine that you are in your ideal vacation paradise. Take a walk in a park and listen the voice of birds. Spending time in nature has a measurable impact on improving your mental functioning and reducing fatigue for breast cancer patients.

A mental vacation essentially means spending time for connecting to your feelings and thoughts without all the usual daily business, usual distraction. No checking mails, no iPad, no office, nothing-just take out time for yourself for a day. It provides so much vitality and strength to your inner self. To take a mental vacation, take few deep breath and relax your muscles. It helps you especially on days when it’s very stressful and hectic. We can also called the mental vacation as mini-break. Through mental vacation you’ll be able to tap into your inner calm and ignore the distraction around you.

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