Exercise-78: Grivasana (The neck pose)

  • Lie on the back with knees bent and heels by the buttocks.
  • Place the inverted palms on the ground by the temples.
  • Raise the trunk and place the top of the head on the ground.
  • Balance on the head and the feet.
  • Raise the arms, cross them and place them on the chest.
  • Retain the breath inside.

Practice once for as long as the breath can be retained, or for long periods with normal breathing for curative purposes.
On the thyroid gland, neck or pelvic region.
Follow with a forward neck bending pose such as paschimottanasana.
Not for sufferers of high blood pressure, coronary diseases, amenorrhea, or people with weak necks.


  • This asana aligns the upper vertebrae.
  • In cases of late female puberty it helps to rectify the gonadal hor­monal block.
  • It helps treat leucorrhea and other female disorders.



Backward Bending Asanas

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