Exercise-77: Poorna dhanurasana (the full bow pose)

  • Assume the same starting position as dhanurasana except that the hands hold the toes.
  • The fingers should be in contact with the top of the feet and the thumbs with the soles.
  • The method is the same as dhanurasana, except feet, legs, thighs, chest and head are raised much higher.
  • To attain greater height the arms must be moved first to the side, then above the shoulders.
  • Maintain the final pose for a short time and then return to the starting position.

As for dhanurasana.
The same as dhanurasana but with more intensity.
Do not repeat until the breath returns to normal. This difficult variation of dhanurasana should only be practiced by those people with supple backs.



Backward Bending Asanas

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