Exercise-54: Marjariasana

  • Sit in vajrasana.
    Place both hands flat on the floor in front beneath the shoulders.
  • Raise the buttocks and stand on the knees.
  • Inhale, depress the spine and raise the head.
  • Exhale, lower the head and arch the spine.
  • Again depress the spine and raise the head.
  • Keep the arms straight and vertical.



  • Improves flexibility of the neck, shoulders and spine.
  • It tones the reproductive system and benefits pregnant women.
  • Women suffering from menstrual irregularities and leucorrhea get better.
  • Relieves cramps experienced by some women during menstruation.



To be practiced by pregnant women only up to up to 3 month’s pregnancy. Benefits of the asana are greatly enhanced if stomach is contracted during exhalation.



Meditative Postures are good for our mind

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