Exercise-107: Ordhwa padmasana (the headstand lotus pose)

  • Perform sirshasana.
    While in sirshasana slowly fold the legs into pad­masana.
    Remain in this pose for some time then straighten the legs.
    Return to the ground as described for sirshasana.

Important points-
Do not try this asana until you can perform sirshasana without difficulty. In this pose any fall to the floor can cause serious injury.
All other details are the same as for sirshasana.




Exercise-108: Kapali asana (The forehead-supported pose)

  • Assume sirshasana, the headstand pose.
  • Shift the angle of the head and balance on the forehead.
  • Return to sirshasana before coming down.

Variations- Variation-1
Bend the right knee and put the sole of the right foot on the front of the left thigh. The right knee should point forward.
Bend the left knee and touch the hips with the left heel. Bend forward at the hips and bring the right knee to the chest.


why Inverted Asanas is the best asana

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