Exercise-109:Sarvangasana (The shoulder stand pose)

  • Lie flat on the back with feet together, arms by the sides and palms flat on the ground.
  • Using the arms as levers raise the legs and back to a vertical position.
    Bend the elbows and use the arms as props to steady the back by
  • pressing it with the palms.
  • The trunk and legs should extend straight up, forming a right angle with the neck, the chest pressing against the chin.


  • Bend the right knee and place the right foot on the left thigh.
  • Bend the hips forward and place the right knee on the forehead.
  • Remove the right foot from the left thigh.
  • Fold the left leg and bring its knee to the forehead.

From sarvangasana, bend the hips forward and bring the legs to a horizontal position over the head.

Retain inside while assuming and returning from this asana.
Practice normal breathing when the body is steady in the raised position.


  • Advanced practitioners can practice up to 15 minutes.
  • Beginners should practice for a new seconds and add a few seconds daily.
  • For general health benefits 3 to 5 minutes are adequate.

On the thyroid gland or respiration.

  • Sarvangasana is ideally practiced immediately before halasana.
  • The counter pose can be matsyasana, ushtrasana or supta vajrasana, practiced for half the combined duration of sarvangasana and halasana.

Not for sufferers of enlarged thyroid, liver or spleen, high blood pressure or heart ailments.

  • This asana stimulates the thyroid gland and thereby improves the balance of the circulatory, digestive, reproductive, nervous and glandular systems.
  • It adjusts improper body growth and clears psycho­logical disturbances by bringing a rich supply of blood to the brain.
  • It relieves asthma, bronchitis and elephantiasis’s.
  • It releases the normal gravitational pressure from the anal muscles, relieving hemorrhoids (piles).
  • It tones the legs, abdomen, the female reproductive organs, spine and neck.
  • It inhibits hydrocele and eliminates waistline fat.
  • Leucorrhea and diabetes can be remedied.
  • Mastery of this asana gives conscious control over body temperature.



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