Weight loss is 70 percent diet changes and 30 percent exercise. If you need to lose weight effectively, it is important to follow some healthy practices. ‘I’ve realized that the secret to good habits — for nutrition, or everything else — is to know yourself. For instance, some people do better when they give up a temptation all together, others when they indulge in moderation.You have to think about what works for you.

1. Stock up on healthy foods

We tend to eat what we buy and keep around the house. It is, therefore so urgent to stock up on healthy foods. Keep fresh veggies handy and fruit which you can grab and eat smoothly. Some of it are apples, baby carrots, berries, pears. Buy whole grains instead of white bread products including brown rice, oatmeal and whole wheat breads. Keep healthy protein options around for example, seeds and nuts, fresh turkey breast, and eggs. Try not to keep cookies, soda, and sugary cereals around. Here are 7 healthy snacks for weight loss.

2. Drink water instead of liquid calories

Limiting liquid calories is one of the simplest ways to cut out sugar and calories. Sweetened drinks like soda give no nutritional value and are just empty calories. Diet sodas also give no taste too sweet, nutritional value, and do not help most of us lose weight. So why even bother drinking them? rather, get into the habit of opting for water. They will keep you hydrated without providing any calories. Try drinking a glass of water before eating each snack or meal, and you may just end up eating less. But if do need a change of taste, here are 5 drinks for weight loss.

3. Eat a colourful salad or vegetables every day

Eating salads are the best way to get a variety of nutrients without too many calories. Salads are a healthy way to get adequate nutrition and Weight loss. They are full of raw veggies with a delicious salad dressing that not only fill you up but also provide good amounts of minerals and vitamins to your body. Including them in your diet can do wonders for your health. While almost everybody knows the importance of eating salads, many choose to ignore it as they do not like the taste. In order to make things interesting, try the following salad recipes which are healthy but rank high on the tasty meter too. The different colours of vegetables impart different nutrients, so it’s best to choose a colourful variety.

4. Eat sitting down

When you consume meals while you are sitting down, you generally tend to eat more slowly, like what you are eating, and may even end up eating less. When you eat standing, you regularly do not even realize that you are eating. In case you want a scoop of ice cream, instead of eating straight from the pint, place a portion in a bowl, sit down, and enjoy it. It’s also fantastic to eat with others and enjoy the social experience of dining. Here are greater reasons to sit on the floor and eat.

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