Position-5: Parvatasana (The Mountain Posture)

  • Straighten the left leg and place the left foot beside the right foot.
  • Raise your hips in the air and lower the head so that it lies between the two arms- while the body forms two sides of a triangle.
  • In the final position the legs and arms should be straight.
  • The heels should remain in contact with the floor.

Breathing- Exhale as you straighten the left leg and bend the trunk.
Mantra-Om Khagaya Namah (Salutations to He who moves quickly in the sky).


  • Strengthens the nerves and muscles in the arms and legs.
  • Ensure suppleness of the spine by this counter pose to the previous exercise.
  • Tones the spinal nerves and supplies them with fresh flow of blood.



Surya Namaskara

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