Position-12: Pranamasana (The prayer posture)

  • It is the same as position 1.
    Bring the hands in front of the chest and place the palms together.
    Relax the whole body.

Breathing- Exhale as you assume the posture.
Mantra- Om Bhaskaraya Namaha (Salutations to he who leads to enlightenment).
This is the final posture.





Positions 1 to 12 complete a half round of Surya Namaskara. For the second round, to complete the sequence, positions 1 to 12 are repeated but with certain minor changes:

  • In stage 4, instead of stretching the right foot backward, stretch the left foot back in the same way.
  • In position-9, bend the right leg and bring the right foot near the hands.


The practice of these asanas is twofold and the practice depends on the intended benefits. For spiritual benefits perform positions 3 to 12 slowly. Reverse is the case for physical benefits and the same asanas 3 to 12 are to be performed quickly. Beginners should not perform a large number of rounds but start with 2 or 3 and add one more position on every successive day.

Surya Namaskara should ideally be practiced before all other asanas since it loosens the body and removes sleepiness. After completing these exercises- practice shavasana for sometime to allow heartbeat and respiration to return to normal and all body muscles to relax.


  1. Do not perform surya namaskara if fever develops due to excessive toxins in the body.
  2. Perform other asanas to remove the toxic waste from the body and then restart surya namaskara.
  3. Do not perform more rounds than what the body can undertake comfortably without excessive fatigue.


There are no age limitations for performing Surya Namaskara. Pregnant women after the fourth month of pregnancy should not perform these positions.
Benefits-In addition to the benefits listed with each position surya namaskara has tremendous positive influence on the whole body. Some of the other benefits of performing the complete set of positions are:

  • Brings all body systems like- endocrinal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive etc. in to balance with each other and in overall equilibrium.
  • All body muscles are adequately exercised and excess fat removed.
  • Revitalizes body and mind and improves thinking power.
  • Stretches and revitalizes all abdominal organs thus improving their efficiency levels.
  • Improves breathing process and exchange of oxygen in to the blood stream.
  • Ensures perspiration and removal of body waste.
  • Removes nervous tension, anxiety and stress.

Surya Namaskara ensures overall health of the practitioner and is the ideal exercise for all age groups.



Surya Namaskara

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