Exercise- 73: Ardha shalabhasana (The half locust pose)

  • Lie flat on the stomach with the hands under the thighs, palms downward.
  • Keep both legs straight throughout the asana.
  • Raise one leg as high as possible, keeping the other leg flat on the floor.
  • Retain this position for some time and then lower the leg to the floor.
  • Allow the respiration to return to normal.
  • Repeat the same movement with the other leg.




    • Inhale in the prone position.
    • Retain the breath inside while lifting the leg and in the final pose.
    • Exhale while returning to the starting position.
    • Breathe normally in the prone position.



This is a simplified form of shalabhasana for beginners or people who are unable to do the full pose.



Backward Bending Asanas

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