Exercise-102: Bhumi pada mastakasana (The half headstand pose)

  • Assume the posture for marjariasana (the cat pose).
  • Place the crown of the head on the ground between the hands.
  • Raise the knees and hips and balance on the head and feet.
  • Raise the arms and clasp the hands behind the back.
  • Hold for as long as is comfortable.
  • Replace the hands, lower the knees and return to the cat pose.
  • This process can be repeated.

Important point-
Place sufficient soft padding beneath the head.
Practice with normal breathing.
On respiration, the brain or balance.
Follow this asana with tadasana, its counter pose.
Not recommended for persons with high blood pressure or vertigo.


  • This asana helps in cases of low blood pressure.
  • It develops nervous balance, strengthens the head and neck muscles and supplies blood to the brain.
  • It is a preliminary pose for sirshasana.



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