Meditative Postures

An individual has to sit in meditation for longer periods of time and as such the position has to be not only comfortable for retention but also provide benefit to the whole body. The essential aspect is to keep the spinal cord straight. In higher stages of meditation the practitioner is likely to lose control over the muscles of the body and the posture has to provide that inherent stability.

A beginner could start with sukhasana and slowly prepare the body for classical asanas like padmasana and siddhasana. By staying steady in an asana the practitioner can acquire one-pointed mind concentration level and feel infinite bliss. The ability of the body to sit in one position is dependant on 2 factors- the flexibility of the body and the state of mind. Thus physical and mental preparations are both essential for practicing these asanas.



Beginners Meditative Asanas The simplified meditative asanas are:

  • Sukhasana.
  • Ardh Padmasana.

Classical Meditative Asanas These are the standard asanas for meditation:

  • Padmasana.
  • Sidhasana (For men)
  • Sidha Yoni Asana (for women)
  • Swastikasana.

Subsidiary Meditative Asanas

  • Vajrasana.
  • Ananda Madirasana.
  • Padadirasana.

PRECAUTIONS To relieve pain- severe or mild- in the legs experienced after sitting in one posture for sometime, slowly unlock the legs and massage them. Again resume the position. Do not use undue force or strain to sit in the asana.


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