Exercise-20: Rocking and rolling (i)

  • Lie flat on the back.
    Fold both legs up to the chest.
  • Interlock the fingers and place them behind the head.
  • Roll the body from side to side while keeping the elbows on the floor.
  • Repeat 10 rolls.




Exercise-20: Rocking and rolling (ii)

  • Retain the same position and roll the body along the spinal cord.
  • Try to attain the squatting position.

Precaution-Use a folded blanket to avoid injury to the spine.
-Be careful about the head hitting the floor with force.

Limitation– Not to be performed by persons suffering from spinal problems.

Benefits– This asana with its massaging action benefits the back, buttocks and hips and is most useful if performed in the morning just after awakening.




Good effects Of Anti-Rheumatic Exercises

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